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Turner GPA to represent Westwood Capital LLC on financial services issues on Capitol Hill and before federal regulatory agencies 

Washington, D.C., November 12, 2008 – Turner GPA, (www.lobbylinx.com), one of the nation’s premier government and public affairs firms, has signed on to help Westwood Capital LLC (www.westwoodcapital.com)  navigate Washington’s ever-changing political and regulatory terrain.

“Westwood Capital is a growing firm with a bright future and Turner GPA is uniquely situated to help make sure its star continues to shine. With government regulation and legislation in constant motion, our aim is to bring clarity to the debate and guard the interests of our newest client. Whether before Congress, the FDIC or the Treasury Department, Turner GPA will make sure Westwood’s voice is heard,” said Caren Turner, CEO of Turner GPA.

“No sector of our economy has come under more scrutiny from the federal government than financial services during the current economic crisis. We look forward to representing Westwood as Congress and the administration craft new laws and regulations that will have lasting impacts on financial services institutions,” she added.  

Founded in 1995, Westwood Capital is an investment bank that provides value-added, customized solutions to clients' capital markets needs. The company offers a unique combination of expertise and experience in the development and application of state-of-the-art financial technology. Based in New York with offices in Hong Kong, Westwood is the source for maximizing value and opportunity through new ideas and creative solutions.

About Turner GPA

Turner GPA is one of the premier, highly respected government and public affairs firms in the nation.  Turner’s cutting edge advocacy has earned them respect and acclaim from the media, clients, policymakers and even their competitors!  Turner advocates on behalf of businesses, municipalities, and non-profits that wish to ensure their perspectives and needs are taken into account in Washington, in state capitols and in City Hall, as well as in the media.  The firm creates and implements intensely focused and targeted advocacy campaigns designed to meet and exceed its client’s expectations and goals.  For more information on Turner GPA, visit www.lobbylinx.com.