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Turner Government and Public Affairs Adds E/One to Growing Environmental Issues Practice

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Turner Government and Public Affairs Adds E/One to Growing Environmental Issues Practice

Turner GPA to Help E/One Advance Efforts to Protect Nation's Water Supply from Failing Septic Tanks

Washington, DC (Nov. 22, 2010)-Turner Government and Public Affairs has added to its growing client roster Environment One Corporation (E/One), an industry leader in advanced low pressure sewer technology. Turner GPA will provide government relations and strategic communications services as E/One seeks to influence federal policies to address the serious risk posed by backyard septic tanks to the nation's drinking water supplies.

"Failing septic tanks dump hundreds of millions of gallons of raw, untreated wastewater and other toxic contaminants into the ground and eventually into our water supply," said Turner GPA President Caren Turner. "Leaking, malfunctioning and worn out septic tanks are responsible for most of the groundwater pollution in the U.S. today."

Nearly one in four U.S. households use backyard septic tanks and an average of 40 percent of those tanks do not function properly. Not only is the nation's drinking water threatened by failing septic tanks, but lakes, ponds, rivers, estuaries and other bodies of water are also being polluted.

"We will work to ensure that federal decision makers are not only aware of the problem, but also recognize that E/One's advanced low pressure sewer technology offers the best solution to defusing the septic tank ‘ticking time bomb'," said Turner.

About E/One: With more than 40 years of experience E/One, headquartered in New York, is an operating company of Precision Castparts Corp. (NYSE:PCP), a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal parts and industrial products. E/One is a manufacturer of products for the disposal of residential sanitary waste; and, utility systems for the protection of performance optimization of electric utility assets.

About Turner GPA: One of the premier government and public affairs firms in the nation, Turner GPA specializes in state-of-the art advocacy that seamlessly integrates government relations and communications services. With a proven track record of achieving results, Turner GPA advocates on behalf of businesses, municipalities and non-profits that wish to ensure their perspectives and needs are taken into account in Washington, DC, in state capitols and city halls. We create and implement intensely focused and targeted campaigns designed to meet and exceed client expectations and goals.

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