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Harry Teague, Former U.S. Representative Joins Turner GPA

For Immediate Release

Harry Teague, Former U.S. Rep. Joins Turner GPA

Washington, DC-Former U.S. Representative Harry Teague, who served on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, will join Turner Government and Public Affairs as a Consultant. He will concentrate his efforts on legislative and regulatory counseling with an emphasis on energy, environmental, jobs, education, health and national and international business issues.

As a Congressman representing New Mexico, Teague fought for policies to build America's clean energy economy. One of his highest priorities was to spur investment in job-creating renewable energy projects, including wind and solar, despite the fact that he headed a company involved in the oil business.

"Frankly, Rep. Teague's unabashed willingness to put America's interests above self-interest is refreshing and commendable," said Caren Z. Turner, President of Turner GPA. "With the addition of Harry Teague as a consultant, we are able to assist clients in both traditional and alternative energy issues. "

Well respected on both sides of the aisle while in Congress, Teague embodies the American Dream. Forced to dropout of high school to support his ailing parents, he went from working on New Mexico's oilfields for $1.56 an hour to founding several highly successful and profitable oil-well servicing businesses.

"It speaks volumes on the former Congressman's bi-partisan appeal that he represented an overwhelmingly Republican district and was endorsed by environmental groups and the American Hunters and Shooters Association. His ability to bridge ideological divides is an invaluable talent that we value," said Turner.

"I have tremendous professional respect for Turner GPA and look forward to bringing my abilities, energy, and expertise along with my nuanced understanding of the inner workings of government to bear on behalf of the firm's clients," said Teague.

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