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What They're Saying About Turner GPA


"If I ever get in trouble, I'm calling you! You are the most tenacious person I've ever met...you just never give up."
Chris Spendley, Senior VP, CFO Landover Group, K. Hovnanian Homes (NYSE:HOV) 

"Caren, you & your team are fantastic..."  "You must have been a Mongol General in a previous life!"
Sonny Astani, CEO, Astani Enterprises

"It is a historic moment for Circor and Leslie. We just funded the trust and Leslie is back. You can see the announcement on our site or Yahoo Finance, etc... 

I just wanted to send a quick note of thank you for the "early days" of trying to figure out what to do. In the end, it worked out. Most important, we can get on with making valves and providing good jobs to employees in the state of FL.
Thank you."
Bill Higgins, President/CEO, Circor International Inc. (NYSE:CIR)

"Caren, your tireless help, enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise in navigating a foreign planet - our political government - was instrumental. We learned what we were up against, and that gave us confidence to do what was needed, despite the risks, and despite the fact that Leslie should never have been targeted in the first place...
It cost us $...and a lot of hard work and stressful hours, but in the end, our extended team did a great job (you included) and its a new day!
Bill Higgins, President/CEO, Circor International Inc. (NYSE:CIR)

"I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for all your help on this effort.  As point on this particular project, I greatly appreciate all you have done to make this happen in time to support our meetings.  Once again, you and your team have come through for us with an early Christmas present.
Thank you again.
Best wishes for a great holiday season."
Jim Barker, New Business Director Actuation and Landing Gear / CIRCOR Aerospace

"Thanks to all for the support on our number one business capture project,!!!"
C.R. Celtruda, Vice President and General Manager / CIRCOR Aerospace

"You were able to create enough synergy to get things rolling and I found your contacts and knowledge of the way politicians work invaluable and would recommend you to anyone seeking similar help."
Edward F. Seeger, President / CEO, American Media Services LLC

"... I felt I had to write you this thank you note. The help you were able to provide me in solving the DOT permit problem was outstanding. Thanks to you we were able to continue to move a critical load to its intended destination without the 2 day delay we had anticipated . This could not have been accomplished by anyone in our organization, and without your involvement the delay would have had a catastrophic effect on our two Plants in New York. "
Jim Houlden , Vice President Aerospace Products, Special Metals Corporation (NYSE: PCP)

“It isn't easy getting gun related piece of legislation through Congress. But one woman just will not take 'no' for an answer. She's...on a mission. A mission to save lives”.
Mike Walter,  Anchor, CBS Affiliate WUSA TV
In reference to S.1584

“Turner Government and Public Affairs provided our company with world-class service. A relentless approach was needed and it was truly delivered. Caren Turner's extensive background and network of contacts gave us the necessary traction to resolve the toughest of issues.”
John Ericksen, President, Wyman-Gordon East,
Division of Precision Castparts Corporation (NYSE: PCP)

”When was the last time that Senator Larry Craig and Senator Chuck Schumer were on the same side of an issue? IT HAS HAPPENED! LOOK OUTSIDE THE WINDOW, PIGS ARE FLYING!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!
But actually, this is a really good piece of legislation. This is the Child Protection and Home Safety Act”.
Cam Edwards, Cam and Company, NRA News.com 
(Referring to gun safety legislation which Turner GPA is advocating, S. 1584/HR. 947)

"We hired Turner Government and Public Affairs to help generate support for our cause on Capitol Hill. Where larger and better known firms had failed, Turner found great success. We've been very pleased with the results they've achieved on our behalf and look forward to working with them in the future."
Joseph LaMountain , Vice President, Strategic Communications, Vision Council of America

“…Seldom have I seen an individual who is more focused, intense and perseverant. Just point Caren Turner in the right direction and STAND BACK, let her do her thing. She has an uncanny ability to develop immediate rapport with others and utilizes that for her client's advantage.”
George H. Lowe, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Potomac RiverJet, Inc.  

“…I have seldom had the pleasure, no privilege, to work with such a capable and competent individual as Caren Turner. Her awareness of the political process, relationship with those in key roles and her masterful strategy is quite impressive”.
Garrett F. Casey Jr.,  Frmr. President Connecticut Commercial Ambulance Association.

“Caren spearheaded our entire campaign, and her strategy, and her professionalism and tenacity were the key elements in our success in receiving our update for Medicare when all other health care providers have either been cut or frozen. She mobilized our entire membership, especially those whose Senators or Congressmen were on key healthcare committees.”
Carole Myers, Frmr. President American Ambulance Association

“Thanks for all your help, above and beyond the call of duty.”
Dr. Steve Pearlman

“Caren has learned the industry of facial plastic surgery overnight and has helped us identify our association's public relations goals and needs effectively and accurately. She has provided valuable input and has greatly contributed to the hiring of a great firm… I could go on and on…”
Rita C. Magness, American Academy of Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

“Thanks for your excellent assistance. Your reviews are right on”
Dr. Donn R. Chatham

"Dear Caren: Thanks for hosting a great meeting and for finding good compromise solutions to complex issues that could potentially divide our diverse group of business owners. You've got the right stuff! Thanks".
Hal, AMSEC - American Security Products Company

“Great Work Caren!  This is great news for all of us. Thanks for all the time and effor t that you have personally expended against this project and for the result that you appear to be getting.”
Doug Brush, Sentry Group