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Turner GPA has decades of experience working with clients of diverse backgrounds. What follows are three examples of work we have done which helped our clients achieve maximum results.


We have secured funding for projects resulting in the successful advancement of various opportunities for our clients.

Success: Most recently we secured $2.4 million in defense funding for research to advance the next generation engine and airframe supplier base.


When an S&P 400 Company was facing spectacular losses due to the escalating costs of titanium, they turned to Turner GPA for assistance.   Turner GPA worked with company executives, regulatory officials, policymakers and strategic alliances to ensure the company's perspective was given due process. Written materials were prepared to help “make the case” to members of the Senate and House Appropriations and Armed Services Committees. An appropriations funding request was prepared and submitted for emergency relief. Turner GPA drafted and secured Congressional letters to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee in support of the appropriations request. Turner GPA drafted and secured a letter to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld requesting that he freeze the sale of titanium sponge from the titanium stockpile.

Success: As a result of our efforts, within months, the company received $30 million dollars to fix the problem.

Health Care:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a regulation that came unexpectedly to the long-term care hospital (LTCH) industry. This regulatory change would have devastated the industry, potentially closing down 25% of all LTCHs nationwide. Within 48 hours of the rule notice, board members throughout the country flew in to review and approve our strategic plan, culminating in over 100 key Members of Congress and hundreds industry representatives expressing their strong opposition to the proposed rule.

Success: The original rule was modified significantly to the benefit of our clients. The industry is now thriving as a result.

International Affairs & Trade:

When a multi-national oil and gas company realized that it was inadvertently in violation of US export control laws they turned to Turner GPA for help. The company was facing mounting government fines and a process which would delay its ability to fulfill its existing contractual obligations by many months, which would have catastrophic affects on its business relationships.

Success: Turner GPA was able to create enough synergy to get the matter solved in an expedited fashion. The company was able to continue working and fulfill all of its contracts with little to no delay.


We worked to secure funding for the re-opening of the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railroad. Called the "Jobs Train," this railroad line provides a critical link to points east for local business, and holds the potential for real growth for the Imperial Valley economy.

Success: $10 million was secured for a SD&AE Railroad "intermodal yard." This area would serve as a staging yard where cargo would be transferred between trucks and rail cars and where trains would be assembled and disassembled.