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Turner Government and Public Affairs gets the Defense National Stockpile Center (DNSC)
to Freeze the Sale of Titanium Sponge While It Examines the Escalating Titanium Crisis

Washington, D.C., May 21, 2005 – Turner GPA, a Washington, D.C. government relations firm with a proven track record in the areas of lobbying, government affairs and public relations, announced today that the DNSC has frozen the sale of titanium sponge from the domestic titanium stockpile. In a letter to Congressman Walter B. Jones, the DNSC stated, “As a result of inquiries by the Military Services as to the type and availability of National Defense Stockpile titanium sponge and the limited amount of material remaining in inventory, DNSC suspended public sales in April 2005…..DNSC will continue to suspend sales until we hear definitively from the Army and Air Force.”

The DNSC’s actions were in response to a letter sent to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld from Third District Representative Wlater B. Jones asked Mr. Rumsfeld to stop the sale of domestic stockpiles of titanium sponge until the issue regarding the skyrocketing prices of titanium and its affect on the domestic aerospace industry is resolved. Despite the domestic aerospace’s need for titanium, the Defense National Stockpile Center recently sold several million pounds of titanium, at auction, to commercial enterprises on the open market.

“The costs of titanium have increased over 300% in the past year and lead times to secure this element have gone from 14 to 54 weeks. The escalating price of titanium is threatening our national defense system. Platforms such as the FA-22, C-17, F-18, F-35, CH-35 and F-15 which are critical to our national defense, are at risk. In the mean time, domestic stockpiles of titanium sponge are being sold into the foreign markets and outside of the defense system,” said Caren Z. Turner, CEO of Turner GPA. “We are pleased that the DNSC has decided to suspend the sale of titanium sponge from the domestic national stockpile until this issue is resolved and clarified. We look forward to working with them to reach an equitable conclusion on this urgent matter of national defense.